IN House Dunblaine


Dragana Maznic, Architest, Interiour Designer, Toronto, Canada

Dragana Maznic

A custom home is a custom reflection of its inhabitants. Designed by Urbanscape Architects and Dragana Maznic, according to the lifestyle of its owner, IN House is home to a well-loved Toronto stylist, his wife, and his often-visiting, growing family. The contrasting requirements of the clients presented a challenge at first, and then, quickly turned into opportunities. The clients wanted their home to be a sanctuary—a retreat from their daily grind and also a place for entertaining their friends and family. It had to be intimate, yet expressive. The creative design team followed the vision of the client, delivering the final result at the intersection of “timeless” and “trendy”.

Dunblaine-INHouse_Living-Room-Dragana Maznic

The collaborative architecture-designer team, selected carefully by the owner conducted observational research in order to understand the lifestyle of the family and reflect it back in their home: a tailored place where casual and formal blend into a serene destination fit for home-cooked meals, quiet nights, playdates and social gatherings.


Located at a corner lot, in Toronto’s North York, IN House is a contemporary, custom home tailored—aesthetically and spatially—to reflect the taste and thoughts of those who inhabit it. On the outside, the four facades are composed in natural and more cost-effective, manufactured materials, contrasting in visual aesthetics. Sharp zinc edges, natural granite, precast panels, and aged, reclaimed wood sit together bestowing the facade with a dynamic personality. The same compositional strategy is applied throughout the interior of the house: strong contrast, yet harmonious. In order to maintain the vast open spaces, the architects have created free-standing feature walls (such as a double-sided, marble-cladded fireplace), identifying various functions and achieving a sense of intimacy. Inside, large-scale, operable windows blur the separation between the interior spaces and the exterior landscape, but the careful arrangement and planning of the spaces safeguard the residents’ privacy. This stylish home features natural marble tiles, sustainable porcelain slabs, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and bathrooms as well as expertly-sourced, signature furniture pieces. Abundance of natural light, fresh air, and views penetrate the comfort of the interior spaces. The house curates these spaces carefully around the open, sizeable kitchen, directing the circulation from room to room.

IN House, executed by rigorous research, design and construction process, features innovative elements such as a glazed staircase, high-velocity HVAC system, and suspended-ceiling with cove-lighting. These elements offer the owners a robust and enduring effect that increase the quality of the residents’ lifestyle and also decrease the maintenance costs of the household. The interior is trendy and immersive—reminiscent of a social retreat.

The designed features of the interiors punctuate the architectural narrative of the house; these contributions include: interlocked marble and wood floor pattern, playful mosaic arrangements, floating staircase, and the installation of several dramatic pieces such as master bedroom’s headboard, Ross Lovegrove’s Cosmic Angel in the living room, and Massuad Axor faucets in bathrooms. Dragana has, further, characterized the spaces with juxtaposing monochromatic, grayscale pieces accented with Wall&Deco wallpapers, a bright-colored velvet sofa, a whimsical over-sized clock, and other curious objects.