Luxury Suite at One Bloor Condo - Princess Margaret Lottery to Conquer Cancer in collaboration with Great Gulf

YONGE + RICH LUXURY CONDOS: Dragana Maznic, TOP TORONTO LUXURY CONDO EXTERIOR DESIGNER, leads overall design direction at Great Gulf, one of North America's premier real estate organizations.




Special thanks to Madeline Zito for giving me this incredible opportunity . 

This project would not be possible without a team of brilliant consultants who unselfishly donated their time and resources.

- Art Consultant Emily McInnes of Eye Buy Art 
- Horticulturist  Melissa Skinner of Gardner’s Daughter
- Designer William Adler 
- Stylist Jairo Betancur

- BoConcept team 

Immense thanks to tireless team on site Kim, Joe and Chaz from THR who went above and beyond, 

When talking about Cherry Suite project, numerous emotions are provoked. From Intense passion, compassion, empathy, to unquenchable desire to give back and support collective relentless fight against cancer. 

We have all been touched by anonymous heroes who, at some point of their lives, have fought their battle of life against cancer. 

In my case the list of these heroes is endless, but it starts and ends with my sister Jasmina who defeated 2 brutal cancers in  her 20’s; Unfortunately, all her bravery, stoic endurance, endless determination, hope, and super human strength, were defeated by lung cancer 15 years later. Together with Princess Margaret Jasmina fought 4.5 years of fierce battles.

Princess Margaret not only offered Jasmina the incredible care, kindness, and support that will never be forgotten.

This project was undoubtedly a collective effort that exceeded any typical project . Project was lead by passion, compassion, admiration and memory of those who lost their battles, was inspired by cancer survivors,  and is in support of those battling today. It sparked a motivation and incredible energy, with ambition to improve lives and ensure a better future for generations to come.

Dragana Maznic